Global Millennials for Progress is excited to partner with Hands up for Haiti to establish outreach medical programs in Cap Haïtien and remote villages and provide key services to the women and children of Northern Haiti. 

Haiti, a country just hours away from the United States, is the poorest country in the western hemisphere with the highest rates of infant, under-five and maternal mortality in the region. For its children, hunger is not just painful: one in five children is considered severely malnourished and many will die from the disease. Of 1000 children age one, 31 do not reach their fifth birthday; that number almost triples in rural areas. Similarly, due to a lack of adequate perinatal care in Haiti, more women and their babies die in childbirth than in any other country in the western hemisphere. And for Haitian mothers, cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths with an estimated 1500 preventable deaths each year; premature death from untreated hypertension leads to an average life expectancy of only 63.

 Hands Up for Haiti (HUFH), a medical humanitarian organization committed to improving medical access and the quality and sustainability of health care in northern Haiti, actively strives to impact positively and significantly this harsh reality by implementing and supporting programs to facilitate maternal and child health and save the lives of children and their mothers. HUFH’s efforts are guided by three words:

Heal - Teach – Support.

 What does "sustainable" really mean? For HUFH, it means supporting programs that are led by our Haitian medical staff who know the best ways to deliver care to their communities. It means rain or shine, emergency or just another day, our clinics and our programs, run by our in-country staff and supported by our visiting medical teams, are open and delivering care.

Heal - Teach - Support: This is what we do and how you can help to truly make an immediate difference in the lives of the people that we help. Here is how:

SAFER BIRTHS - SAVING MOTHER AND BABY: Our prenatal clinics ensure safe births for both mother and child. HUFH volunteers and our in-country staff continue to teach Helping Babies Breathe and Essential Newborn Care, two programs highly effective in saving babies' lives in the "golden minute" after birth and in their first days when most infant deaths occur.

 FIGHTING MALNUTRITION - SAVING CHILDREN: No mother should watch her child suffer or die from hunger. Our Medika Mamba program identifies and treats 600 children each year who are severely malnourished. Unfortunately, outreach is identifying more and more malnourished children from remote communities that suffer from severe food shortages and we hope to expand the number of sites, the number of children we treat, and the number of families we educate about nutrition, in 2017.

CERVICAL CANCER SEE & TREAT - SAVING WOMEN: Cervical cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths in women in Haiti with an estimated 1500 preventable deaths each year. With our new program, we expect to screen 3000 women this year - and treat before it is too late, preventing their premature and unnecessary deaths. Our goal: to launch two more clinics in 2017.

HYPERTENSION SCREEN & TREAT - SAVING GRANDMOTHERS: Severe and unrecognized hypertension contributes to high levels of stroke, heart failure and premature death. Through HUFH's hypertension initiative, we are training local health care providers in a simple, easy to follow protocol. Our goal: to launch two additional sites in 2017.

CLEAN WATER PROGRAM - SAVING COMMUNITIES: Our water safety program provides women with access to clean water for their families, helping to prevent disease and the spread of cholera. Each well that we build provides access to clean water to nearly 30,000 people for 35 years. Our goal: to build 6 more wells in 2017.

 Global Millennials for Progress is seeking to mobilize 1,000 millennials and raise $45,000 to build and expand clinical programs and provide health services to the women and children of Haiti. 

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